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Mavro - 3.1.3

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My icon request form has been taken offline for an undetermined amount of time. If you would like to know the reasoning, you can find a full explanation HERE. I am greatly sorry but I hope you all understand ♥

The craft has been perfected. Embrace the darkness.

OLED themes have reached a new standard.


Message Bubbles

For the message bubbles, you have several options to remove that pesky line that appears behind text: 

IMPORTANT NOTE: "SnowBoard Settings Icons Extension", "SnowBoard Preset Extension", and "SnowBoard StatusBar Extension" MUST BE INSTALLED FROM SPARK'S REPO IN ORDER TO THEME THE SETTINGS ICONS AND STATUSBAR! "SnowBoard UI Extension" is needed for the UI Switches and Message bubbles but is also needed for certain parts of the settings theming.


These apps actually are themed, however if you installed them with AltStore, AltStore assigns a unique bundle ID on a per device basis. Unfortunately, I am not able to add everyone's unique bundle ID to the theme. There is good news though! To theme yours, you can follow these steps.

  1. Using Filza, navigate to /Library/Themes/Mavro Icons.theme/IconBundles
  2. Search "alt". A few icons will appear. You can rename ANY of these icons to your app's device specific bundle ID. Make sure when renaming that you add "-large" to the end of the ID. It should look something like this: com.8E6762SXSD.rileytestut.AltStore-large.png
  3. Repeat the process for apps like Unc0ver, Electra, etc. except replace "alt" with a word from you other app's bundle ID. EX. a key word in unc0ver's bundle ID is "science" so search for that and rename ANY of the icons that come up with your bundle ID.

IF YOU USE "SettingsWidgets":

Open Filza and navigate to \Library\Themes\Mavro Settings.theme\settings widgets icons and select all the pictures and copy them. Now, navigate to \Library\Application Support\SettingsInfo and paste/replace the icons that are currently in that folder.


My request form has been taken offline for an undetermined amount of time. Please read the note at the top of the description for more info.

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